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7 months TSW!

Publicerad 2014-07-28 08:35:35 i Mitt liv,

Hola amigos!

Today mark my 7th month of this hell. 
For all my new readers: my worse months was 1-3, after that I've been ok! Please look in my archive to see pics.

 Still not healed, and I think I'll get another flare when winter is coming.. But until then I'm enjoying myself. 

I've been to Spain for ten days. Since I'm doing MW I didn't use any SPF on my skin. Did some really 'safe sunbathing' instead; had a massive hat that would shade my shoulders and spent a lot if time in the shade. And WOW, I got really tanned!! Even when I was in Thailand for two months I didn't get that tanned. I'm sure the ts was making me pale and that this is my natural skin tone. At least I hope so ;)

And once again my problem areas (arms and scalp) are still not healed. Should I just leave my scalp alone (am only using water, no schampo) or what? And my arms continue to have the micro flares, they don't really bother me. I can now itch for a good 30 min and the skin won't crack open!
I even took a pic of my arms for you :)
Hope you are all good.
xx Jo

Right arm, as you can see I still have a tiny bit of 'eczema' there..

Left arm; just a bit of dry skin really. :-)


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Om du, som jag, har eksem som inte går att bota kolla då in detta: och TSW (topical steroid withdrawal)

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