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9 months tsw, fresh pics :)

Publicerad 2014-09-27 16:16:57 i Mitt liv,

So finally 9 months. Feels gooood. Although my skin is flaring a bit. Not ok! Don't have time for this. So I'm eating/drinking a lot of ginger, I put it in my coffee/tea/food - all over haha. Cause it's anti inflammatory ... I'm also doing my best in cutting out carbs. 
 This past week I had a 'yoga challenge' for myself. Go to a yoga class every day for a week. 2 days left and I feel calm and focused. Prepared for this mothereffing flare ;) Yoga is def something I'll continue with after this week. 
So this upcoming flare is on my arms (like always) , scalp and neck... And the rest of my body is getting dryer everyday... :(
We'll see where this all ends.

Pics from this week,

They don't look bad but are crazy itchy! Had forgotten that intense itch and now it's back :'(


Postat av: Matilda

Publicerad 2014-10-06 17:03:20

Hej! Jag kom precis in på din blogg.
Så som jag förstår har du väldiga problem med eksem, men har slutat med kortison?
Jag själv är 18 år och har haft extrema eksem över hela min kropp i 6 år nu och hållit på med kortison i princip hela mitt liv.
Hör gärna av dig!

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Om du, som jag, har eksem som inte går att bota kolla då in detta: och TSW (topical steroid withdrawal)



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