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11 months (and two days!)

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What's uuuup!
I'm late with this post because I've been soooo busy with uni and all that.. But here I am! 
A lot is going on, I've got a job! And I haven't even graduated yet ;) I'm starting in feb next year. This also means that I'm moving back home!! Haven't lived in my hometown since like 2007 so that's exciting...!

How about my skin? Not really any news, so far the winter has been mild. But it's getting worse I've heard.. Maybe I should just show some fresh pics? You deserve it! 
Here we go.

As you can see not much to complain about really. It's just very dry! My face is flaky and my scalp is itchy. But it's hard to get a decent photo oft scalp, the hair is in the way ;) 

I hope it won't get any worse than this now. Hope you are doing great!


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Om du, som jag, har eksem som inte går att bota kolla då in detta: och TSW (topical steroid withdrawal)

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