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9 months tsw, fresh pics :)

Publicerad 2014-09-27 16:16:57 i Mitt liv,

So finally 9 months. Feels gooood. Although my skin is flaring a bit. Not ok! Don't have time for this. So I'm eating/drinking a lot of ginger, I put it in my coffee/tea/food - all over haha. Cause it's anti inflammatory ... I'm also doing my best in cutting out carbs. 
 This past week I had a 'yoga challenge' for myself. Go to a yoga class every day for a week. 2 days left and I feel calm and focused. Prepared for this mothereffing flare ;) Yoga is def something I'll continue with after this week. 
So this upcoming flare is on my arms (like always) , scalp and neck... And the rest of my body is getting dryer everyday... :(
We'll see where this all ends.

Pics from this week,

They don't look bad but are crazy itchy! Had forgotten that intense itch and now it's back :'(

8 months tsw yaaaaa

Publicerad 2014-09-03 22:46:08 i Mitt liv,

8 months and my skin is a bit worse actually.. Maybe it's the infamous 9 month flare that's coming up? With worse it's not at all like before. Still no ooze, not so much dry skin, just a little more itchy and the redness has spread a bit. But again - not at all like before!

I'm back in school finally but it's A LOT to do. One last year of this! 
And no photos, again. Maybe I'll put some up later if I remember :)

Hope everyone is ok!


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Om du, som jag, har eksem som inte går att bota kolla då in detta: och TSW (topical steroid withdrawal)

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